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Summer Barbecues Are Here!!!

Enjoy your own Barbecue party because we do all the work for you.  Our Barbecue catering packages include everything.  We show up to your party with our own grill,  food, plasticware, cookie platters, salads, condiments & bread.  Our grill guys take care of everything and ensure your event to be a laid back, enjoyable and tasty experience to remember.  There are two packages to choose from.  See below for details.



BBQ Catering Ad 2022.jpg

Everything listed  in the BBQ package will be included in your party.  Additional hours of grilling available upon request at $100.00 per extra hour.  

     We provide a surplus of food to accommodate your number of guests.  At the end of the event, any cooked food remains with you.  Any uncooked food is taken back with us.  Prices are subject to sales tax and 18% for gratuities.

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