Super  Deluxe  Hot  Buffet

An ideal catering package for a stress free gathering. 

$ 16.99 / person  

plus  tax

You  pick  the  hot  food  dishes  you  prefer  from  our  catering  menu (excludes  seafood  dishes).  

Our  half  trays  feed  5.  Our  full trays  feed  10.  Mix  &  match  for  a  variety  of  food to  satisfy  your  guests (example : 50 guests = either  5  full  trays  or  10  half  trays  of  your  choice).

Also  comes  with  a  green  garden  salad,  Italian  bread & assorted  cookie  platter.  Includes plasticware (plates, forks, knives, serving  spoons  &  napkins).

We  will  deliver (40 person minimum)  &  set  up  food 

on  chafing  racks  with  sternos  to  keep  food  hot.

There  is  a  deposit  required  for  the  food  racks  which will  be  refunded  to  you  upon  return.

View  our  menu  in  the  hot  food  section  under  "catering"  in  the  menu  bar.

Add  soda, water  &  iced  tea

$ 3.99 / person

plus  tax

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